• 1. Thou shalt not steal, 2. Thou shalt not kill, 3. Something about an ass, 4. Don't tell me, 5. It's on the tip of my tongue, 6. No, it's  gone
Why everyone can remember the Nativity, but not all ten commandments.


Everyone can tell you the story of the Nativity. That’s because, like every great story, the Nativity’s full of colour, personality and humanity. It takes us on a journey, with a beginning, a middle and an end. The Ten Commandments is just a list – the world’s first bullet points.

We’re often asked to write. It’s usually something high profile, sensitive or technical. It might be a ‘hero piece’, something you can hold up as an example of your brand language in action. Whatever it is we’re writing, we approach it in the same way. We want to tell a great story – something bold, clear and memorable that demands to be retold.

Marketing pieces

Advertising, brochures, sales aids

Explaining, selling, welcoming, seducing – in multiples of four pages.

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Hello, goodbye, sorry – sincerely

Letters sit at the neglected, automated end of the communication spectrum. But that’s not how we see them. We think something that has one person’s name and address at the top demands more love and attention, not less.

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Stories, features, think pieces

We ghostwrite articles and we commission and edit whole newsletters and magazines too.

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Websites, emails, mobile apps

We’ve written tons of online copy. We don’t do the technical stuff, but we have the phone numbers of lots of top class agencies and freelancers that do.

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Structures for great calls and meetings

We design structures for conversations rather than scripts. These help sales people or call handlers take their customers on a reassuring journey. We do it in workshops, modelling the approach on how your best people handle conversations.

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Interviews, documentaries and drama

We’ve scripted and shot lots of video, including this light comedy about pensions.

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Tricky stuff

Risky, sensitive, technical material

We wrote HMRC’s charter. It was signed off in a room of 60 stakeholders, saved to a memory stick, then debated in the House of Commons the next day. We’ve also written lots of other heavyweight documents including tenders, contracts, codes of conduct, terms of business and top secret government prospectuses (prospecti?).

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Weird stuff

The downright bizarre

We wrote a fake concert ticket once that got so much response the client had to stop mailing it.

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Our work with
Our work with HMRC

How we made 250 letters clearer, friendlier and more customer focused

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Our work with
Our work with PruProtect

How we helped a protection insurer launch seven new products on one day

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The National Association of Pension Funds asked Quietroom to turn their fifty-minute information-packed presentation into a fifteen-minute film that would entertain people and get them thinking about their future. So we decided to create the world’s first comedy about pensions. It tells the story of a pensions expert who’s constantly undermined by the people around him (any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental). It’s since been adopted by organisations as varied as HSBC and Belfast Harbour Authority.