About us

We’re communication consultants. We help organisations think about how they use words, we write for them and we help their people use words more powerfully.

Lots of agencies can help you with strategy and lots can handle delivery. We’re here to help you join the dots between the two. We’re just as likely to be found developing ideas at the top of your organisation as we are bringing them to life at the front line.

Many of us have parallel careers as writers or performers in TV, film, theatre, opera and pop music. This was an accident at first – we just recruited people we liked. But we soon found that those people also brought something different. They could think on their feet, they knew how to keep a room of people interested and they shared our (probably unhealthy) need to please. So now we go out of our way to find people who share those qualities.

But that’s enough about us. Tell us about yourself.