Nobody leaves without
cake and a balloon

Have a rummage through the goodies in our party bag. Please feel free to download, use and pass on anything you fancy.

Why speaking English can make you poor when you retire

English-speakers are more obliged than others to separate future events from present ones, through the tenses in our language. Does this make us less likely to save? This guy thinks so.

Why do politicians use business jargon?

Politicians are increasingly switching everyone off with jargon and buzzwords. Why? The BBC has a theory.

Verbize This

Shakespeare did it all the time. But why do we turn some of our nouns into verbs, and not others? And what does it mean for a brand when we do it to them? Interesting post from Fast Company

Taxonomy of ad agency names

The Inspiration Room presents a revealing graphic of common themes in the names of ad agencies. Lovely.

The science of storytelling

A good story can make or break a presentation, article, or conversation. But why is that? Over at io9, Leo Widrich shares the science of why storytelling is so uniquely powerful.

A gift from Blankkplatz (formerly Umlaut und Gherkin) have a very special gift for lovers/loathers of branding. No need for consultants to create your brand values, just answer seven questions.

Never a borrower or a lender be

…unless you’re our office manager, Jochem. He managed to get his face in the papers last week by doing an interview on peer-to-peer money lending. What a handsome chap.

Word of the Year

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its Word of the Year. And this year it’s ‘omnishambles’, a phrase coined by the BBC writers of In The Thick of It. Read the full BBC article  here.

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Rubbish Reviews

Our Andy’s Throwaway Lines exhibition is garnering some pretty marvelous press coverage.

Andy spent the past few years collecting discarded notes from London’s streets. And with the help of writer’s collective 26, those notes turned into stories.

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World’s worst tpyos

The Guardian has assembled photos of some of the world’s most howling typos.

Communication over

A on-screen suicide note has been discovered, written by Ceefax, the TV information channel that was cruelly ‘switched off’ earlier this year. “My friend Oracle said it would end like this…” Read it here.