Nobody leaves without
cake and a balloon

Have a rummage through the goodies in our party bag. Please feel free to download, use and pass on anything you fancy.

Tasty copy

I once got a promotional email from a well-known chain of pizza restaurants. It offered me ‘just three courses for £12.99’. I was distressed. Distraught. I told anyone who’d listen. Some people didn’t get it. Most of them didn’t care.

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Maybe that’s why no-one plays bowls anymore

In my local park, there is a sign that guards the bowling green.

It reads:

This is a bowling green for club members only. No other activities are to be undertaken on this facility. — Parks Bylaw 2004, number 14.

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Melted phone
7 tips for dealing with complaints

Here are 7 approaches to complaints that can really make a difference to the results you get.

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Why your New Year’s resolution has already failed

So, Christmas came. The goose got fat. Then you ate the goose, absorbed all that fat and made a resolution to burn it off. But does the very word – ‘resolution’ – make it hard to stay motivated? What other words could we use to keep us on track?

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5 Golden Rules that made the *Santa* Brand Book a hit

If you read, tweeted or shared our *Santa* Brand Book – thank you. By the time we got back from our holidays, it’d had 1.1 million views. We think that happened because, like lots of successful communication, it followed these 5 golden rules:

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When your message is a formality, you’re inviting people to ignore it

If you talk to everyone at once, you risk being heard by no-one. But if you talk with just one person in mind, more people will hear you than you’d think.

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Refreshing the world’s biggest brand

To our immense surprise, Santabrand Global Enterprises have asked us to refresh their *Santa* brand book. Read it here, and weep.

Ten top tips for writing about pensions

Recently, Vincent spoke about language at the Eversheds annual pensions conference.

To find out more, download his Ten top tips for making your writing clear, vivid and real.

How to break down the pensions language barrier (in 10 minutes or less)

Our Creative Director, Rhys, shows an audience of industry leaders at The National Association of Pension Funds how to ditch the language of process and get normal people involved in the conversation about their futures.

Tessa Ross: “Remind yourself of the simple idea. Everything else is the complication that gets you there.”

The BAFTA-winning film controller behind many of Britain’s most successful films talks about taking risks, representing different voices, and the importance of not trying to please everyone.

Writing for charity

Scene & Heard make extraordinary theatre with local children from north London. We’re delighted to support their latest show. (Where can else can you see a play with two characters called ‘right sparkly tap shoe’ and a ‘tiger without fur’?!)

What’s so good about automatic enrolment?

We made a series of videos to help regular people understand why we should all be saving for retirement. You can watch the series over at the National Association of Pension Funds’ website.