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What happens if your promise doesn't match up with reality.

Brand language

If a child misbehaves, do you send him to the naughty step, or the thinking step? It’s the same step, of course. But what you choose to call it shapes how he feels about it. It shapes how he feels about you too, and about himself.

It’s the same with brands. Language defines you. It defines the relationships you build with people. We help brands use words to build better relationships. We help you find words that say who you are, make people feel close to you, and get the results you want. Here’s how.

Language audit

Analysing how your brand uses words at the moment

We take a forensic look at your material, holding it up to your ambitions for the brand. Then we suggest some ways you could improve things. It’s a great place for us to start working together.

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Brand content

Finding the best way to express your biggest ideas

An idea’s no good unless you can share it with someone. We help you bring your brand’s ideas to life through words. The output might be messages that show people why they should choose you, or a story that describes the business you want to build.

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Brand language

Finding a way of talking that works for your brand

From the words you use to the order you put them in, every choice you make sends out a message about who you are. We help you explore those choices and model the best approach. To keep things practical, we develop our ideas in workshops with your people, then road test them on some live material.

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Finding out how people feel about your brand and the way you talk

We help you discover how your customers, colleagues and stakeholders feel about you and how they feel about the way you use words. Later in the process, we often use their words verbatim: a spontaneous turn of phrase can be a lot more eloquent than a sentence we’ve spent hours crafting (or overthinking). research

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Creating usable tools that help ideas stick

We create toolkits that help everyone from the boardroom to the postroom understand what your brand’s about and use it to shape the way they communicate.

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Roll out

Helping your people turn theory into practice

Once we know how your brand should sound, we need to make it happen. We create and deliver events, workshops and clinics to spread the word.

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Check ups

Helping you stay on track

Old habits are hard to break. So, after a while, we stop by to make sure people are still using words in the best way. If we need to, we can give you some pointers to help you get back on track.

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