The better you are at using
words, the better you are at
making money.

Ask any sales person or street performer. Ask an entrepreneur. The way you talk to people shapes the result you get.

Quietroom is a team of imaginative people who are changing the way businesses communicate. We help our clients make the most of the words they use: to set out their vision, to explain their ideas, to fire up their people, to win and keep their customers.

We do three things: write for you, define how you use words, and help your people use words more powerfully. From better communication comes better relationships; from better relationships come better results.

Clients come to us when:

  • they’ve got a great idea that they wish they could explain better
  • they can get their point across in 13 pages but not in 3 words
  • their strategy gets everyone’s heads nodding, but no one’s toes tapping
  • they’re stuck in a way of talking that isn’t working

We help them make the right choices: one word, one message over another. By doing that, we help them build a stronger bottom line.


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Tasty copy

I once got a promotional email from a well-known chain of pizza restaurants. It offered me ‘just three courses for £12.99’. I was distressed. Distraught. I told anyone who’d listen. Some people didn’t get it. Most of them didn’t care.

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How to break down the pensions language barrier (in 10 minutes or less)

Our Creative Director, Rhys, shows an audience of industry leaders at The National Association of Pension Funds how to ditch the language of process and get normal people involved in the conversation about their futures.

Tessa Ross: “Remind yourself of the simple idea. Everything else is the complication that gets you there.”

The BAFTA-winning film controller behind many of Britain’s most successful films talks about taking risks, representing different voices, and the importance of not trying to please everyone.

Writing for charity

Scene & Heard make extraordinary theatre with local children from north London. We’re delighted to support their latest show. (Where can else can you see a play with two characters called ‘right sparkly tap shoe’ and a ‘tiger without fur’?!)

What’s so good about automatic enrolment?

We made a series of videos to help regular people understand why we should all be saving for retirement. You can watch the series over at the National Association of Pension Funds’ website.

A gift from Blankkplatz

Blankkplatz.com (formerly Umlaut und Gherkin) have a very special gift for lovers/loathers of branding. No need for consultants to create your brand values, just answer seven questions.

Never a borrower or a lender be

…unless you’re our office manager, Jochem. He managed to get his face in the papers last week by doing an interview on peer-to-peer money lending. What a handsome chap.

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Word of the Year

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its Word of the Year. And this year it’s ‘omnishambles’, a phrase coined by the BBC writers of In The Thick of It. Read the full BBC article  here.

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